PrEP Initiatives for the Latino/a/x Community

PrEP initiatives for the Latino/x/a Community

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September 14, 2023

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This webinar provides an overview of different PrEP initiatives that have been proven effective in the Latino/a/x community. The faculty will also discuss practical strategies that increase the knowledge, comfort, and skills of providers to engage this community in PrEP services.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the current state of HIV transmission and PrEP utilization among Latino/x/a Communities 
  • Identify different HIV PrEP initiatives targeting the Latino/x/a community, including culturally sensitive education and outreach community-based testing programs and PrEP access programs.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of HIV PrEP initiatives for the Latino/x/a community, including their impact on HIV transmission rates, PrEP uptake, medication adherence, and health outcomes.
  • Develop strategies to improve and expand HIV PrEP initiatives for the Latino/x/a community, such as increasing funding for PrEP Programs, increasing access to PrEP medication, and addressing cultural barriers.