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Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program (MADAP) is working to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS in Maryland have access to the medication they need to stay healthy. This page is designed for clients, case managers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to learn more about MADAP, access resources and updates on the program, ask questions, and share resources.

2023 Open Enrollment Webinars

View the sessions on the HealthHIV eLearning Platform, and download the session slides as PDFs.

Prime Time Priorities for MADAP: Tools & Tips on Open Enrollment Outreach to Uninsured Clients

  • Priorities for MADAP
    • MADAP/MADAP Plus Basics
    • Health Care Insurance Benefits, Requirements, and Notifications
    • Plans Payable by MADAP
  • Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time for Medicare Outreach and SHIP: Tools & Tips on Helping Clients Enroll in Medicare Prescription Coverage

  • Medicare Outreach and SHIP
    • MADAP Requirements and Medicare Resources
    • The ABCDs and Supplements of Medicare Enrollment
    • Plans Payable by MADAP
  • Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time for Medicare Premium Assistance: Tools & Tips on Helping Clients Enroll in Medicare Assistance Programs

  • Medicare Premium Assistance
    • MADAP Requirement for Medicare Premium Assistance Programs
    • Medicare Assistance Programs in a Nutshell
    • Medicare Special Enrollment Periods
  • Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time for On-Exchange Outreach: Tools & Tips on Helping Clients Sign Up for Qualified Health Plans and Premium Tax Credits

  • On-Exchange Outreach
    • MADAP Plus Basics
    • On-Exchange Qualified Health Plan MADAP Requirements
    • On-Exchange Qualified Health Plan Enrollment
    • Plans Payable by MADAP
  • Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time Tools & Tips for Medicaid Unwinding Outreach: Staying Enrolled in Maryland Medicaid or Making the Transition to Other Health Care Coverage

  • MADAP Update: Higher Aims in Partnerships Services
  • Tools & Tips for Medicaid Unwinding Outreach
  • Moderated Panel and Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time for Off-Exchange Outreach: Tools & Tips on Helping Clients Sign Up for Health Plans through Authorized Brokers

  • Off-Exchange Outreach
    • MADAP/MADAP Plus Recap
    • Immigration and Health Care Coverage
    • Plans Payable by MADAP
  • Best Practices Q&A

Prime Time for MADAP Plus Premium Payments: Tools & Tips on Submitting Premium Bills for Payment and Reporting Loss of Coverage to MADAP

  • MADAP Plus Premium Payments
    • MADAP/MADAP Plus Recap
    • Eligible Health Care Plans for Premium Assistance
    • Requirements for Premium Payments and Loss of Coverage
  • Best Practices Q&A

MADAP Frequently Asked Questions

MADAP Glossary of Terms

Medicare Website

Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program (SPDAP)

Signed MADAP Service Standards

Latest Resources

  • Critical Penicillin G Benzathine (Bicillin®) Shortage

    The CDC and the United States FDA are reporting limited supply and impending depletion of stock for select Bicillin® L-A and Bicillin® C-R Prefilled Syringes.  The earliest anticipated recovery date is Quarter 2 in 2024.

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  • Meet the Faces Behind the Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program

    The Alive! Maryland team spoke with a few of the faces behind MADAP operations to gain perspective on their motivations for engaging in this work and their hopes for the future of the program.

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  • MADAP Operations Update: 8/8/2022

    Update on the network outage that impacted the MDH information technology systems, including the MADAP client database and network.

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MADAP Training

The Partnership in Client Services Training Course is a 14-module foundational series laying the groundwork for understanding and applying MADAP and the various essential sub-topics. The learner can participate on their own schedule and re-visit the material as needed.

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