Assess - Learn - Integrate - Visualize - Engage

The Maryland Department of Health has engaged with HealthHIV, a national capacity building organization, to launch Alive Maryland, the first-ever comprehensive capacity building initiative for the infectious disease and primary care workforce in the State of Maryland.

ALIVE stands for Assess, Learn, Integrate, Visualize, Engage — representing each phase of the program. Alive Maryland is a motivational call to action to build capacity to improve health in Maryland’s HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, and harm reduction workforce. This initiative will provide Maryland providers with a web-based, self-paced Virtual Training Institute, many CEU opportunities, direct training and technical assistance, resource development, and more.

Alive! Maryland Program Design

This chart shows an overview of Alive! Maryland, a program of the Maryland Department of Health and HealthHIV. This program is structured to meet the training, technical assistance, and capacity building needs for the State of Maryland’s HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, and harm reduction workforce.

A graphic flow chart illustrating the design of the Alive Maryland program.

Alive! Maryland HealthHIV Team

Melissa Kelley

Anna Bacharach

Scott Bertani

Beth Brooks

Walt Colt

Gene Cowan

Tim Craggette

Sindia De La Cruz

Lyncoln Dujon

Brian Hujdich

Charlotte Kugler

Circe LeCompte

Kelly Mayor

Stephanie Montes de Oca

Elizabeth Moore

Shannon Morgan

Leo Sheridan

Alisha Stewart

Maryland Department of Health Team

Tawanna Davis
Division Chief for Capacity Building, Training, and Technical Assistance

Jennifer Acosta
Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health Integration

Rosemary Brito
Capacity Building Coordinator

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