Managing Multiple Funding Streams

Managing Multiple Funding Streams

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May 30, 2023

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This webinar covers the benefits of multiple funding streams and the impact on programs and services. The faculty will discuss the systems needed to ensure appropriate management of multiple funding streams, programs, and outcomes. The presentation will include an overview of the Uniform Guidance and compliance requirements when managing multiple funding streams. It will also review the financial systems that must be in place to ensure appropriate management of multiple federal and state awards, as well as the enrollment and eligibility processes that are required to manage services and ensure participants are supported by the appropriate funding sources. The presentation will discuss strategies for managing multiple funding streams, looking at a combination of participants/clients/patients, providers, and services. There will be a discussion of time and effort and how it is impacted, particularly for providers/employees that are funded by multiple funding sources. This session will include a case study of a program with multiple funding sources, various services, and multiple funded providers.

Presentation Outline:

  • Strengths of multiple funding sources
  • Uniform administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal awards
  • Fiscal management expectations
  • Enrollment and eligibility
  • Strategies for managing multiple funding streams
  • Time and effort
  • Case studies

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Jana Collins, MS has served as the Project Director for the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance (KADAP) Program Income Reinvestment Program (KIRP) since 2019, which is tasked with reinvesting program income generated by Kentucky’s ADAP program into HIV initiatives throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Prior to this role, Jana served as the Research Protocol Manager for HIV Programs at the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP)-funded Bluegrass Care Clinic (BCC) at the University of Kentucky, where she worked in various capacities starting in 2002. Jana has served as a Fiscal, Administrative, and Technical Assistance consultant for Health Resource Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau, participating in comprehensive and technical assistance site visits for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients since 2008 and is a consultant for HealthHIV’s Fiscal Health Professional Services. Jana has a Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky Department of Family Studies, with an emphasis in Family Financial Management and Consumer Issues.