Provider Perspective: Earl Jack Matthews

Earl “Jack” Matthews, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Peer Supervisor at the Howard County Health Department, uses his experiences to reduce harm, support his clients and advocate on their behalf.

Provider Perspective: Kyle Bukowski

Kyle Bukowski, MD, FACOG currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood of Maryland. He has dedicated his entire career to delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Provider Perspective: Anika Alvanzo

An internal medicine-trained addiction medicine physician, Anika Alvanzo aims to improve the quality of treatment for individuals with substance use disorder and decrease the stigma associated with the condition. Working to improve the overall health and quality of life for these individuals, Alvanzo’s work is an invaluable contribution towards efforts to build a healthier Maryland.

Provider Perspective: Nelly Velazquez

Nelly Velazquez spent the last nine years of her career in Public Health as a Health Educator, working most prominently to teach about disease prevention in Baltimore City. Velazquez is motivated most by her commitment to improving health outcomes in underserved communities, and her work has been vital to keeping the state of Maryland alive.

Provider Perspective: Camesha Thompson

For healthcare providers, the passion for enacting meaningful change can come from a number of factors, but for many, this drive originates directly from their own environment.

Provider Perspective: Charles McCleary

Healthcare providers who care deeply for their clients have the ability to create a welcoming and affirming environment. For people with substance use disorders, these providers serve as inspiration, support, and determination.

Provider Perspective: Malik Burnett, MD, MBA, MPH

The harm reduction approach to healthcare is a very important, yet often misunderstood, aspect of engaging people with substance use disorders. Rooted in the idea that there should be neither […]

Provider Perspective: Megan Buresh, MD, DFASAM, AAHIVM

Reducing harm, eradicating stigma, and facilitating equitable access to care is key to building a healthier state of Maryland. Megan Buresh, MD, DFASAM, AAHIVM contributes to this effort through her […]

Provider Perspective: Brittany Yerkes, Physician Assistant

Brittany Yerkes, a Physician Assistant at the Chesapeake Health Care and a member of the Alive! Maryland Inter-professional Advisory Board, aims to improve the quality of life for all of her patients. She does so by first believing that they cannot be defined by an illness or condition.  

Provider Perspective: M. Tica Torres, Care Navigator

We spoke with M. Tica Torres about his endeavors as a Care Navigator, the motivations behind their work, and their advice on how other providers can advance impact in their own fields.