Intimate Partner Violence Among Sexual & Gender Minority Populations

In this session, three expert panelists (Dr. Danielle Berke, Dr. Jillian Scheer, and Dr. Christopher Stults) will present on their respective programs of research related to IPV in LGBTQ+ populations, followed by a lively discussion and question/answer session with audience participants.

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Five Ways Health Centers Can Promote Health Care Access for Survivors of Domestic Violence

This 2-page PDF summarizes the key actions to promote health center enrollment for survivors of domestic violence, and how health centers may partner with community-based programs, such as DV advocacy programs.

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This in-depth PDF identifies the unique opportunities for health enrollment specialists and health center staff to increase health access for survivors of domestic violence.

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Health Cares About Domestic Violence (HCADV) Day Webinar

In recognition of HCADV Day, Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation and National Health Care for the Homeless Council are excited to release a new toolkit, Intimate Partner Violence, Homelessness, and Behavioral Health developed for Health Care for the Homeless Health Centers and their community-based partners. The toolkit addresses the intersections of intimate partner violence, human trafficking, homelessness, behavioral health and gender. Speakers will provide an overview of the new toolkit and provide a deeper look at how organizations can authentically engage consumer leaders in the effort to end homelessness, IPV and human trafficking.

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