MADAP Operations Update 4/6/22

April 6, 2022 

On December 4, 2021, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) experienced a network outage that impacted the MDH information technology systems, including the MADAP client database and network. We remain unable to access our client database and still have limited access to documents on the network. 

We have identified viable solutions to make eligibility determinations for new and established MADAP clients.

See below for updates, the most recent are in bold print, to details regarding how the MADAP program operations are navigating network workarounds since previous updates and guidance related to access of MADAP services for established and new/non-established clients. 

MADAP fax lines are now operational and you may resume faxing to the fax lines listed here: 410-333-2608 and 410-244-8617.

There have been edits to the one page recertification form and changes in the MADAP staff since the last blast notice, so please see the links below to access the most current information. Please see links to previous updates under MADAP Historic News on the website.

For established clients:

·        We have sent out the new 1 page recertification document for clients whose eligibility ended in January going forward.As of today, April recerts have been completed and May will go out on Tuesday. See here for an example of what that document looks like if needed. Proof of residency and income is required to be submitted with this annual one page recertification document. Recert packets will be considered as incomplete without that supporting documentation.  Please send copies of insurance cards if applicable.  We are urgently processing all applications manually as they come in to us.  The one page MADAP recertification form can also be accessed via our website.

·        If you have sent in your recertification application and supporting documents already, you do not have to return this form to us. Please do not send duplicate copies of any document unless specifically requested. This slows our process down when sorting through and organizing our documents for processing. 

·        For application signatures, we are still allowing case managers to sign on behalf of the client and we can make signature accommodations for those clients who want to email but are unable to print, sign, and scan the document back in. Please just contact your eligibility specialist for direction on this as it is handled on a case by case basis until we have full functionality. See here for the most current MADAP staff contact list to identify appropriate eligibility specialists.

·        Clients/case managers – if you(client)/your client’s eligibility is due to end in May 2022 or later, there is no need to submit an application at this time, you will receive the one-page annual recertification in the mail. If you have sent in your/your client’s recertification application and supporting documents already, you do not have to return this form to us.

·        If you have CareFirst insurance and have an issue with your provider at your medical appointment, please contact your assigned insurance specialist using the most current staff list here to give the provider’s name and phone number or email address. Carefirst’s service department can make direct outreach to the provider to confirm enrollment and authorization for procedures to prevent interruptions in receiving medical care.

·  Carefirst is aware of grace period/inactive policy billing that has led to clients receiving medical bills that are for more than what they should be. Carefirst is rebilling them so that the bill will reflect with active coverage. Updated bills will be sent out to clients as they are reprocessed. 

·  MADAP has made 3 payments to CareFirst. The first payment has not been posted to client accounts yet. CareFirst is in touch with us weekly and will let us know once posted. We expect the payments to be posted to accounts within 30-45 days after release from the Comptroller. We continue to make weekly payments to CareFirst and other insurers to bring our clients current.

·  If you/your client has an Aetna SilverScript policy that has been terminated, please reach out to Misty Carney via email or phone. We are working on having those policies reinstated. Misty’s email is her phone number is 410-767-5678.

·  If you/your client have received a refund check in the mail from Kaiser, please contact Nancy Etheridge-Guest by email or phone for guidance on what to do with the check. Please do not cash the check without speaking to Nancy first. Nancy’s email is and her phone number is 410-767-5672. 

For new/non-established clients:

·  MADAP will generate a temporary client ID number for newly enrolled clients. We have added new clients so that they may receive services and medication at the pharmacy. If any new MADAP client is having an issue at the pharmacy, please reach out to a pharmacy specialist using the list here to locate their contact information. Once our system is fully functional, we will assign permanent MADAP ID numbers.

·  Patient assistance programs are listed here for options to provide medication for uninsured and underinsured clients.  

For MADAP operations at the new location of 1223 W. Pratt Street:

·  The phone lines will remain open and the number(s) will remain the same. We can be reached at 410-767-6535 from the hours of 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

·  You may walk-in to receive help from 8:30 am – 4 pm.

·  The email communication will remain the same. We can be reached via email at

·  MADAP applications and other supporting forms have been updated with our new mailing address, and all mail will be forwarded to our new location if sent to Calvert  Street during the transition period. If your mail is returned using the Pratt Street address, please mail to Pratt Street again. We received confirmation from the postal service for our change of address forms.

Our office phone numbers have been forwarded to our cell phones. It is not necessary to call both lines, as they will only ring to one phone.

Find network incident and restoration updates here. You may also refer to our website for access to current applications, a copy of this notice (and previous notices), and other program details. 

We know that this is a difficult time for you, as it is for us as well, with the limited resources that we have. We can work through this together and are asking for your patience and help in sharing information with those who may or may not have email communication. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance. Please continue to check our website for the most current information on MADAP operations. 

For any questions or concerns that you may have, please contact the MADAP office at 410-767-6535 or send us an email to

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