MADAP Training

Partnership in Client Services Training Course

This 14-module foundational series lays the groundwork for understanding and applying MADAP and the various essential sub-topics. The learner can participate on their own schedule and re-visit the material as needed.

The MADAP educational program will prepare learners to:

  1. Define and describe the components of MADAP.
  2. Assist clients with applying for and receiving MADAP resources.
  3. Engage with the community about the benefits of MADAP.

MADAP Training Modules

Below is the complete list of all of the self-paced learning modules.

Module 1: Overview of MADAP Webinar

Module 2: HIV Health Care Initiatives and Ryan White Resources

Module 3: MADAP Eligibility – Case Presentation

Module 4: MADAP Enrollment Application Walk-through

Module 5: MADAP Application Approval and Eligibility Renewal

Module 6: Urgent MADAP and the Temporary Assistance Program

Module 7: MADAP Formulary & Pharmacy Services – Coordination of Benefits

Module 8: Scope of HIV Health Care Resources

Module 9: MADAP Insurance Verification and Premium Payment Services

Module 10: MADAP Plus Eligibility – Premium Assistance

Module 11: Medicare in a Nutshell

Module 12: MADAP & Medicare – Getting the “MADAP Parts” Right

Module 13: Enrollment Updates for the Maryland Health Exchange

Module 14: MADAP & Premium Tax Credits

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