Telehealth in Practice: From Access to Equity

Telehealth in Practice

As a result of the pandemic, many public health facilities, clinics, and providers began using telehealth out of necessity.  For many, telehealth served as a powerful tool for reducing exposure, extending the workforce, increasing access, and decreasing isolation for some of the most marginalized populations.  For others, however, telehealth only served to punctuate the social determinants of health that contribute to health inequities; including things like access to broadband, access to telehealth-capable devices and digital literacy. Join us as we delve into this important healthcare access tool and learn how you can integrate telehealth into your practice.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand why, when, and how to integrate telehealth within in-person clinics and practices 
  • Discuss telehealth best practices 
  • Identify and access free and low-cost telehealth resources