These resources are designed to supplement the work of Maryland’s infectious disease and primary care workforce.

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Maryland Engagement in HIV Care

This live infographic uses Maryland surveillance data for current residents to describe the number and percentage of persons living with diagnosed HIV who belong to select stages of the HIV continuum.

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Provider Perspective

Nelly Velazquez spent the last nine years of her career in Public Health as a Health Educator, working most prominently to teach about disease prevention in Baltimore City. Velazquez is motivated most by her commitment to improving health outcomes in underserved communities, and her work has been vital to keeping the state of Maryland alive.

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Testing and Services Locator from


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Maryland Department of Health: Hepatitis A

Fact sheet from MD DOH about the Hepatitis A virus.

CDC Hepatitis C Overview

Patient education pamphlet from CDC about Hepatitis C.

CDC Hepatitis B Overview

Patient education pamphlet from CDC about Hepatitis B.

CDC Hepatitis A Overview

Patient education pamphlet from CDC about Hepatitis A.

CDC HIV Resources Library

CDC list of HIV resources including videos, infographics, and slide decks.

CDC Surveillance Reports

CDC list of reports and data on rates of infection and treatment of HIV.

CDC Fact Sheet Library

CDC library of resources by population and topic related to HIV.

Care Outcomes Among Black or African American Persons Diagnosed with HIV

CDC published report on the impact of care on morbidity of persons diagnosed with HIV.

CDC HIV Infographic Library

CDC published infographics on specific demographics and metrics including prevalence among Asian American communities. Also available in Spanish.

CDC HIV Surveillance Report: 2018

CDC published report on the prevalence of HIV infection in the US.

Baltimore Testing Site List (HIV/STD)

List of Baltimore testing site locations and information about services.

CDC Risk Reduction Tool

CDC Risk Reduction Tool with resources and answers to questions to reduce patient risks.