Funding Opportunity: Social Marketing “Media Buys”

Maryland Department of Health
Infectious Disease Prevention and Health Services Bureau (IDPHS)

Deadline for Submissions: March 30, 2023

Maryland Department of Health: Infectious Disease Prevention and Health Services Bureau, has developed a statewide program to help HIV, STIs and other infectious disease primary care providers to promote their services through multiple digital platforms. Following an application process, the program enables organizations to work with the Bureau’s vendor to resize, repurpose and adapt existing media assets and campaigns (i.e., graphics, photos, videos and promotional text) to then place them through select social media, cable, and internet vendors, like Hulu, Facebook, Google Display, Google on Demand, and Instagram. All messages must be centered around HIV prevention and treatment, awareness of STIs, PrEP, HIV testing, HIV care and adherence for populations most affected.

The branding of selected media campaigns will be consistent with that of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and entities that submitted the application. Because we know what speaks loudest to our unique communities across the state are the voices of Marylanders from their own communities, the program will not require any specific Maryland Department of Health branding. Applicants are encouraged to brand all content to meet the needs of their service recipients or intended audiences who would stand to benefit from their services.

The selected applicant(s) will collaborate with our vendor to develop a plan for editing and placing messages and media across multiple digital platforms and outlets, including social and static media, GPS-based networking and dating apps, and cable or public TV spaces. Media Buys can be Maryland home grown, or a campaign from another state, but must be centered around the following topics:

  • HIV
  • PrEP
  • STI Prevention and Awareness
  • HIV Testing
  • HIV Care and Adherence

If you would like to submit an application to receive this support from our program, please submit your proposal by following the criteria specified in Section II: Submission Criteria by March 30, 2023.


  1. All proposals will be reviewed by a review panel that will consist of members from the Maryland Department of Health, IDPHS Bureau and community partners.
  2. Maryland Department of Health reserves the right to make all final award amounts.
  3. Each organization will be notified via email concerning the status of their proposal within 30 days.


Proposal must not exceed 10 pages and must address items 1-7 as follows:

  1. Title of Campaign 
  2. Proposed Region (counties)
  3. Audience of Focus     
  4. Campaign Description & Purpose
  5. Proposed Award Amount    
  6. Recommended Social Media Platforms and Tactics
  7. Expected Outcomes

Be sure to include all proposed images (static media), including video assets if available. 

If assistance is required with identifying assets for the campaign, be sure to capture this statement in this section.

These funds cannot be used to develop or create new assets but are solely for the purpose of purchasing media buys for promotional purposes on social media platforms.

Important: The Applicant(s) shall be a social organization as defined per the State Finance and Procurement Section 7-402.

Send all proposals via email to:
Tawanna M. Davis, MA
Maryland Department of Health
Infectious Disease Prevention and Health Services Bureau
Center for HIV/STI Integration and Capacity
Division Chief, Capacity Building, Training & Technical Assistance
1223 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21223

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